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General Liability Insurance
At L & C Express Services Corp, we value the safety and well-being of our customers and place a high priority on mitigating risks. We recognize that accidents can happen, which is why we maintain comprehensive General Liability Insurance coverage.
Welcome to our General Liability Insurance section!
Our General Liability Insurance provides protection against third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury arising from our business operations. This coverage extends to accidents that may occur on our premises, during the use of our products or services, or as a result of our employees' actions.
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Key features of our General Liability Insurance include:
1. Bodily Injury Coverage: We will address medical expenses, legal costs, and damages resulting from bodily injuries sustained by a third party due to our negligence or accidental actions.

2. Property Damage Coverage: Our insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing third-party property that may be damaged due to our business operations, products, or services.

3. Personal Injury Coverage: This coverage protects against claims of slander, libel, false imprisonment, copyright infringement, or any other non-physical harm caused to a third party.

4. Legal Defense and Settlement Costs: Our General Liability Insurance covers the expenses associated with legal defense in the event of a covered claim. It also includes any settlements reached, subject to the policy's limits.

5. Products and Completed Operations Coverage: We understand that products may occasionally have defects or cause harm. Our insurance includes coverage for claims arising from the use of our products or completed services.
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Please note that our General Liability Insurance does not cover certain risks, such as professional errors, malpractice, or intentional acts of harm. We encourage customers and stakeholders to consult their own insurance providers for adequate coverage in these areas.

It is important to remember that insurance coverage is subject to certain limitations, conditions, and exclusions outlined in our policy document. We recommend reviewing the policy document carefully to fully understand the scope of our coverage.
By maintaining General Liability Insurance, we intend to protect our customers, visitors, and the public from the potential risks associated with our business operations. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all and ensuring that any unforeseen incidents are handled promptly and responsibly.

For more information about our General Liability Insurance or any other insurance-related queries, please contact our dedicated customer service team.
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Customize your policy to fit your life:

• Physical home coverage

• Replacement costs

• Personal possessions

• Additional living expenses

• Personal liability

• Valuable articles coverage

• Earthquake insurance

• Umbrella insurance policies

• Animal liability

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